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11 September
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This journal started a long time ago with just random posts about me when I just so happened to remember to update. Nowadays, it has morphed into this amazing adventure about weight-loss, self-discovery and and most recently, our first pregnancy!

Every since I was very young, I had been overweight. Part of me does blame my parents. As workaholics, I was fed a fair amount of 'junk' food, and was never taught proper nutrition. The later years were a culmination of that, as well as just being stupid about taking care of my body. All through high school I was heavy-set, and during college it really got out of control. Topping at 233, I knew I had to change.

In December of 2007, I tentatively started my weight loss plan. I joined Gold's Gym with my husband, and vowed to go every day after work. There was a lot of trial and error, as most new things have, but around the 3rd month or so, I had really gotten my exercise and eating habits down, and I was losing weight consistently. I hit a plateau around 220, and could not seem to break it. That's when I took a good, hard look at my eating habits, and realized that I was not being nearly as healthy as I should be. So I stocked up on veggies and fruits, and I bought a few books to help me understand nutrition. As soon as I started eating the foods that helped my body work more efficiently, I bust my plateau and lost another 7 lbs.

I hit another plateau at around 205, so close to being under 200. I tried cycling calories, and keeping a closer watch on my weekend eating habits, but the weight wouldn't budge. I decided that it was time to shake up my workouts. I used my current program as a template, and with several hours and many web and magazine clippings later, I designed my own exercise program, combining aerobic exercise and strength training, for every day of the week. Within 2 days of my new program, I broke through the plateau and lost another 7 lbs, finally putting me under 200, and even closer to my goal.

As I got closer to 190, the holidays started approaching, putting my diet at risk. I was forced to cancel gym time for family time, and I plateaued yet again. Then came the annual winter flu, followed directly by the winter cold. Stuck at 190 for nearly 2 months, and finally over my illnesses, I decided to suck it up, fire my current trainer who had taught me everything he knew, and hire someone new to start kicking my ass. Enter Will, a badass, no mercy, updown fiend, who trains professional athletes, and was prepared to make me work for it. I broke my plateau again, losing 6 lbs.

My lowest weight was 183, and that was in December 2008. Since then, I have no lost a single lb. If anything, I have fluctuated up, plateauing at around 185. Initially, I was panicked. I did everything I knew how to do to start losing weight again. I wore my HR monitor for an entire day, and manually calculated each and every calorie I burned and took in. I kept a strict food log and began working out in the mornings AND afternoons. Everything I did never showed a loss on the scale. Bereft, I turned accepted my fate and just kept struggling on.

I put off taking progress pictures, because I knew in my heart there wouldn't be an progress to see! But I did it anyway, with a 4 month span between the last set. Once I got them up on my computer for comparison, my jaw dropped. There was a significant difference in body composition between the two images, with no weight being lost. I had more muscle definition, and I was tighter, especially in the waist. I couldn't believe it! My focus slowly developed from weight loss, to body composition. I no longer worried about my scale weight, but relied on pictures, measurements and clothes to tell me how I was progressing.

For 6 months, my weight has not changed, but I have continued to create new workouts, and try new things all the time. But I was becoming complacent in my diet. I started to allow myself a little too much wiggle room, and when I scale showed 189 one day, I realized that just because I didn't expect to lose, I still needed to eat like an athlete. I went out and bought tons of small tupperware, and spent a few hours cutting up fruits & vegetables for the tupperware, and divvying out small portions of granola, rice cakes, and other healthy snacks into small baggies. I now have a shelf in my fridge dedicated to pre-cut and measured snacks that I can grab on the run. I drastically reduced my heavy carb intake, and started replacing foods with healthier versions, including all-natural peanut butter, gluten and sugar-free cereal, and organic, stone-ground crisps. Within days, I noticed that I was visibly less bloated.

I have now switched my goals to performance and healthy-eating goals. I still strive to lose weight, but the bigger picture is my overall health. I know what's good for my body, and the journey now is to see how closely I can stick to that.

This journey has been so much more than just weight loss. Its making me aware of who I am, and what my body can do. Its helping me put my priorities straight, and really appreciate life. If every single one of us could hop on a treadmill a few times a week, and stop eating the fat-laden food that the Food Industry advertises at us, we'd all be so much happier. Depression, anxiety, poor-self image could all be resolved. I have never been happier with my life than I am right now, and it's only going to get better. <3

I want to send a super special thanks to my awesome friend, glimmer_of_hope. Since the beginning, she has been a huge source of inspiration for me, and her determination and success continues to help motivate me. Thank you!!!

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This is 10 percent luck, 20 percent skill
15 percent concentrated power of will
5 percent pleasure, 50 percent pain
And a 100 percent reason to remember the name
-Fort Minor; Remember the Name

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